Mission Partnerships

Jesus went about doing good, helping people with all sorts of needs

Acts 10:38

As his followers, we at Woodhaven seek to be faithful to his example in this regard. Missions is what we call our efforts to help those beyond the Woodhaven family. We seek to honor Christ's pattern of helping others in many ways: cooperative missions giving and support of organizations and individuals sharing Christ's good news around the world, local hands-on mission projects with area non-profits supporting the needy, domestic and international mission trips...the list goes on. Below is a partial list of some of our mission partners.

Cooperative Missions

Through our support of cooperative missions we can work together to make more of an impact than we could on our own. Our support of these groups goes towards things like support of theological education for future ministers, Christian publications, and other Christian organizations that share Christ’s good news.

International Missionaries

In addition to the support of international missionaries through cooperative missions, Woodhaven directly supports missionaries like the Normans and Manuel Vega through regular prayer and financial support. We also enjoy visiting with them when they stop back in the area.

Matt & Michelle Norman

CBF Field Personnel – Barcelona, Spain

Pastor Manuel Vega

Church Consultant – Costa Rica

Local Mission Partners

Hands-on projects include weekly tutoring with Read and Feed, bi-monthly projects with Rebuilding Together of the Triangle, monthly deliveries for Western Wake Crisis Ministry, and an annual Community Food Drive.

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Mission Trips

Past mission trips have included places such as Belize, Central Appalachia, USA, and Cuba!

Appalachia Service Projects - June 11-17, 2023
Passport Kids - July 3-6
Passport Youth - July 3-7