Woodhaven's Senior Adults . . .


Woodhaven's Senior Adults followed God's leadership in building the spiritual foundation as well as church structures and facilities we now enjoy. Today our Senior Adults continue to provide faithful prayer support, active participation, planning wisdom, and energetic leadership throughout Woodhaven's ministries and programs. Whether teaching adult Bible classes, guiding children's learning activities, working in Vacation Bible School, or caring for preschoolers, our senior adults are vital to spiritual nurture in our families and church. In addition, Senior Adults roll up their sleeves to cook and serve meals, trim shrubs and trees, spread pine straw, paint walls, and help however needed on periodic work days. Senior adults serve meals at the downtown homeless shelter, assist with the "Read and Feed" tutoring program and other ministries.

Senior Adults are welcome to participate in any Bible study group.  We have two Sunday Morning Bible Study classes focused on seniors. One class (mostly men and women almost or just retired) meets across from the church library.  The other (folk mostly retired) gathers in the fellowship hall. their excellent consistency of attendance and caring attention to fellow class members are examples for the entire Sunday School.

In addition to teaching, serving, helping and studying, senior adults enjoy regular times of fellowship, occasional excursions, and mission involvement. Senior adults in the community, whether Woodhaven church members or not, are welcome to participate in all of these activities. Call the church office, 919-362-0127, for more information.


          "Read & Feed" involves providing a meal for students and any parents, and for tutors and volunteers. These volunteers listen to children read, provide guidance, and assist girls and boys strengthen their reading and comprehension skills.





                       Trips, excursions, fellowship times enrich our lives.


         Fellowship, food and friends are good in small groups and when we travel.


  We welcome new members and provide special events to make them feel at home.



Our Senior Adults continue learning and growing!

Sunday Morning Bible Study, 9:15-10:15, Fellowship Hall


     We welcome others to share Bible study and fellowship every Sunday morning. You are welcome to participate in any Bible study group, we have two classes that focus on senior adults.

  • Led by teachers Jim Carroll, Hugh McKinley and Norman Beckham, participants explore Bible passages and discuss how to apply truth to daily lives. The Uniform Study Guide (published by Smyth Helwys) provides additional commentary for each week's focal passages. Click this link to learn more about these Bible study helps.



  • Led by teachers Mike Sorenson and Rebeccah McKinley, this discussion class uses the Smyth Helwys Formations Curriculum. The desired result of Bible study is transformed living.  Click this link to read more about the Formations study helps.  This class meets across from the church library.