Deacon-led Ministry Teams

Family Connection Ministry Team

Focus: The Woodhaven family mission is to live as believers, learn as disciples, and love one another for Christ. This ministry team will serve to increase our opportunities to love one another through Christ by building a more personal and productive communication channel between the members of Woodhaven and the church as a whole. We will strive to share not only information about church events and activities, but also the needs, dreams and celebrations of the church members. This is a ministry of personal contact.

Message: You are part of the Woodhaven family; let’s get connected!

Contact: Annette Pridgen, Dennis de Jong,

Love Meals Ministry Team

Focus: Love Meals Ministry provides our Woodhaven family an opportunity to connect with and serve others in our church and community, by providing ready-to-eat meals after a birth, loss, surgery, illness or other hardship.

Message: Do you have a desire to help people see God's love through a simple act of kindness? This ministry operates by volunteers with that same passion. By providing a meal & delivery or by preparing casseroles to freeze for the Love Meals Ministry, either opportunity gets you active in your Christian community and could be your avenue to help. Join us as we share God's love through the gift of food.

Contact: Jill Via, Cynthia Thelen, 


Prayer Ministry Team

Focus: The Prayer Ministry Team will be praying for both the needs of individuals within the church as well as for Woodhaven Baptist Church as a whole. Prayer cards and personal notes of encouragement from the church will be sent to individuals.

Message: Today, I spoke with God about your needs.

Contact: Phyllis Sorensen, Charles Dail, 


Visitation Ministry Team

Focus: This ministry team serves to make personal contact with Woodhaven members and attendees who are hospitalized, dealing with a crisis in their life (death of a loved one, job loss, etc.), or are home bound. Please contact one of us if you know of someone who needs a visit.

Message: We care about you. You are important to us and Woodhaven Baptist Church.

Contact: Jim Carroll, Tom Williams,  


Woodhaven Wheels Ministry Team

Focus: Everyone needs a lift now and then. Many people have physical or medical issues that make it difficult to drive to church, doctor's appointments or other important events. Sometimes, the car might just break down. This team provides alternative transportation to those who need it on a periodic basis. Woodhaven just isn't the same if everyone can't be here. 

Message: We want you to be with us and will help you get here—or wherever you need to be!

Contact: Roger Beale, Evelyn DeRoche,