Woodhaven Works

Let's keep Woodhaven's grounds and buildings beautiful!


     Have you ever thought about what a difference a couple of hours of your time could mean to your church? Need a family project? Yes, children and youth can be involved -  with your supervision.

     Check the building and grounds committee's  project message board in the alcove by the church office. On the board you will find different projects that can be done around the church without a great deal of time involved. This is a way you can help beautify our church grounds and take care of those projects that need to be accomplished. 

     For more information, contact Brent in the church office, 919-362-0127.


      Become Involved in Woodhaven Works!

  • Check the whiteboard in the alcove next door to the church offices.
  • Select a task to do individually, as a family, or a group.
  • Note information sheets about tasks at the whiteboard.
  • Grab your gloves and get it done.
  • Check the task completed on the whiteboard.
  • Receive the blessings of work well done!

 (Examples of helpful tasks for which volunteers are needed)