Sunday School and Bible Study

Spiritual growth and fellowship for all ages 


Join us on Sundays at 9:10 a.m.  Fellowship and refreshments follow at 10:10 a.m. in the Welcome Room (across from the Sanctuary).

Classes are organized based on age clusters and life situations. Bible study involves exploring Scripture in historical context and for meaning and application in every day life, as well. Each group encourages and arranges social activities and opportunities.


Sunday School and Bible Study Groups for Adults

You are welcomed to participate in any of our adult Bible study groups, regardless of age or circumstance. The group listing below is a general representation of class characteristics. If you're not sure where to go, look for one of our greeters at the entrances to the sanctuary.

All age ranges are simply suggestions. These suggestions are to help guests and newcomers identify a possible affinity group or a Bible study class whose members are facing similar life challenges. You are invited to visit, discover and join any class that best meets your needs. If none of these meets your needs, let us know; with your help, we will start a new group!

  • College Students, focus on ages 18 – 29. This class uses Nurturing Faith curriculum (Baptists Today), and other studies. Meets downstairs under Fellowship Hall, Building B, Room 209L. Teacher: Terri Stratton

  • Young Professionals is a new class for post-college working young men and women includes topical studies or book studies. For example, a discussion of the book Half Truths by Adam Hamilton exposes some Christian sayings that aren't actually in the Bible. Our group meets in Room 210L, on the lower level of the Fellowship Hall Building. Teachers: Mike Davis and David Abercrombie

  • Couples For Christ, led by Cynthia Thelen and Heather Johnson, is for those ages mid 20s to 40s and meets in Room 206-L on the lower floor of the Fellowship Hall Building. The first study will be “Living the Questions in Luke” by John Blase. If you have any questions, please contact Cynthia at  or Heather at

  • Men and women with or without school-aged children. Currently studying books of the Bible and topical studies. Meets in the Multipurpose Room in the Preschool Building. Teachers: William Davis & Randy Patterson.

  • Men and women who may be parents of youth or young adults. Currently studying the Formations series from Smyth & Helwys. Meets downstairs, Building B, Room 208L. Teachers: Sharon Baker and Keith Davis

  • Men and women who may be parents of young adults. Currently studying books of the Bible and topical studies. Meets downstairs, Building B, Room 202L. Teachers: Ken Vandergriff & Karen Kromenacker.

  • Men and women who may be parents of young adults or grandparents. This class currently studies Nurturing Faith curriculum (Baptists Today). Meets in building A, Room 117. Teachers: Mike Sorensen and Rebecca McKinley

  • Senior adult men and women nearing and in retirement. This class studies Smyth and Helwys Adult Uniform curriculum. Meets in the Fellowship Hall, Building B. Teachers: Jim Carroll, Hugh McKinley, Norman Beckham & Jill Via


Youth Bible Study

As our youth face challenges of physical, emotional and spiritual growth, peer pressure, a permissive culture, academic stress, and emerging independence, Bible study and life application are vitally important.

Youth are involved as peer learners through open discussions and Bible exploration. Our teenagers meet in "Youth Haven," a hangout room on the lower floor of Building B, under the Fellowship Hall. Teachers: Zac Campbell (Minister of Youth), David Abercrombie, Billy Capps, JP Kenney and Doug Smith


Children's Sunday School

  • Grades 1 – 3. We provide a variety of learning experiences, including exploring the Bible, memorizing Scripture, and age appropriate creative activities. Boys and girls are challenged to discover God's plan for His world and for their lives. Children's Bible study resource is "Faith Weaver," a GROUP publication. Meets on lower floor of the Fellowship Hall building, Building B. Teachers: Sheila Abercrombie and Brandon Simmons

  • Grades 4 – 6. These are years during which many children make decisions to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord. We seek to nurture those decisions and to provide encouragement for living for Christ every day. Children's Bible study resource is "Faith Weaver," a GROUP publication. Meets on lower floor of the Fellowship Hall building, Building B. Teacher: Brian Clark

Preschoolers learn, too!

Our preschool teachers provide nurturing and foundational spiritual growth experiences in a safe and loving environment for the tiniest infant to the wiggliest Kindergartener. Our preschoolers learn about God, who He is, what He has done, how He loves them, and how they can follow Him. Preschool "Faith Weaver" teaching materials come from GROUP publishers. Teachers: Kimmie Kenney, Crystal Alligood and Coleman Johnson. Preschool coordinators are Jim & Mary Burris and Darlene Shore.

Nursery care is available for our littlest ones, from birth to age 2. We'll have the rocking chairs, smiles and snuggles ready!