New Hymnal and Pew Bible Drive

It's time to usher in new hymnals and pew Bibles. Ours are more than 15 years old and are showing their age! Also, much new music has been written since our current hymnals were published 26 years ago. We're excited to bring the Celebrating Grace Hymnal and the NRSV (New Revised Standard Version) Bible to enhance our worship.

You have the opportunity to help us reach our goal to purchase 391 hymnals and 131 pew Bibles by donating over and above your normal tithe to this cause. Simply use the designation "Hymnal/Pew Bible Fund" on your check. Drop your check in the offering or bring/mail it to the church office.

A donation of $18 is needed for each hymnal, and $9 is needed for each Bible.
The deadline for donations is Oct. 22.

You have the option to place the new hymnals or Bibles in honor or or in memory of loved ones. Complete the form below and submit it to the office. Your dedication will be placed on the inside cover of the books you donate.

We invite you to join in this drive that will culminate in a wonderful celebration of worship and music as we dedicate the new hymnals and pew Bibles on Sunday evening, Nov. 19, 2017, a fitting tribute near Thanksgiving.

Questions? Contact Stephanie de Jong, Minister of Music & Worship, or Chris Jenkins, Christian Arts Committee chair.


New Hymnal and Pew Bible Dedication Information

Your Name
Your Email
Your Phone Number
Number of Hymnals ($18 ea.)
Number of NRSV Bibles ($9 ea.)
Please return your donation to the church office or place your check (payable to Woodhaven Baptist Church, with the note "Hymnal/Pew Bible Fund") in the offering on Sunday.
Please use the spaces below to enter any dedications you would like to include in the hymnals or Bibles you are donating. (Given by __________ In honor of __________ or In memory of __________)
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New Hymnal and Pew Bible Drive