Woodhaven LogoSymbolism and meanings represented in our logo:


                                           (Based on our Mission Statement:   Live as believers, Learn as disciples, Love one another.)


Key Concepts of the Logo:

  • God’s light, grace and love come from above to dwell within!
  • Christ’s cross penetrates the darkness of sin as we lift it high!
  • Therefore, we open arms and hearts to reach upward to receive God’s love, forgiveness, and power, and outward to share His grace will others!


Symbolism and meanings:

      Beams of penetrating light, as if rays of sun, stream from heaven to penetrate the world’s darkness. The light and peace of God’s presence come to abide with mankind as we open our will and understanding to the Heavenly Father. Our eternal relationship with God is made possible through Jesus Christ who shed His atoning blood on the cross ofCalvary. This atoning work is represented by the cross breaking through the darkness of the world

      The W, the first letter of our church name, represents the Family of Faith at Woodhaven Baptist Church.  The upward reaching and outward spreading arms of the W represent our open arms, extending hands, hearts, and wills to God in order to receive His wisdom and power in order to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to our own community and throughout the world. The revealing light of the gospel of Jesus Christ breaks through to illuminate our earthly paths with heavenly vision.

     Note that the cross and angle replicate the cross and cupola at the peak of our sanctuary roof, a picture of “lifting high the cross of Christ” in our community and around the world. The contemporary design reflects the architecture of our buildings. The cross is set at an angle, indicating movement and variety. While our foundation is in the timeless truths of the Bible and Gospel message, our methods vary and change so as to meet the needs of a complex and changing world. In these ways, the recommended logo represents Woodhaven’s Mission Statement:

  • Live as believers
  • Learn as disciples,
  • Love one another.